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Hanging Baskets - ORDER NOW

We now produce 1,000s of hanging baskets from the huge 30" Council baskets to the everyday 12" wicker style. Most popular is our traditional wire filled basket, lined with woodland moss and planted with dozens of cascading plants. We also offer some modern, foliage only planting styles, to suit a more contemporary look.

We will build the basket that meets your own personal style.


Buxus sempervirens ball 28cm

Boxwood - A clipped evergreen topiary box ball which is perfect for containers or borders. It forms a dense plant with its small, round green leaves which is easy to grow in most soils. Plants can easily be kept tidy and shaped by regular clipping during the growing season.


Cyclamen, both potted for the house and growing in the garden, add a welcome burst of colour at this time of year. A delightful tuberous perennial providing colour often when little else is flowering, particularly in late winter or early spring. Hardy cyclamen species and cultivars are ideal for naturalising under trees, on banks or in a shady border and planted in association with other early-flowering woodland plants such as snowdrops, winter aconites and primroses.

Helleborus niger "Christmas Carol"

Despite the common name of Christmas Rose hellebores are more closely related to buttercups and are native to mountainous regions of central Europe. Helleborus niger is often one of the first to flower in the garden; as a result they can bloom from mid-winter to late spring. They have been known to bloom as early as mid-December, though generally they first show themselves in late January.


Primrose flowers (Primula polyantha) bloom in early spring, offering a variety of form, size, and color. They are suitable for use in garden beds and borders as well as in containers or for naturalizing areas of the lawn. In fact, when given the proper growing conditions, these vigorous plants will multiply each year, adding stunning colors to the landscape. Blooming often lasts throughout summer and in some areas, they will continue to delight the fall season with their outstanding colors. Most primrose flowers seen in gardens are Polyanthus hybrids, which range in color from white, cream and yellow to orange, red and pink. There are also purple and blue primrose flowers. These perennial plants prefer damp, woodland-like conditions.


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